We are God’s workmanship, created
in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for
us to do.
Ephesians 2:10
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Magic Pumpkin Seeds

Yep it is still 100 degrees here in Arizona so we are still in shorts and totally jealous of everyone having nice weather and light jackets. My Mother-in-law did this with H when she was visiting earlier this year with a flower and H loved it so I recreated it for pumpkins. I just took pumpkin seeds and put them in a small ziploc bag and scrapbook paper and a stick and glued it on to make the bag. I thought about painting the seeds with some sparkly glitter to give them whimsey but decided to just go with the plain. Then I mailed it to her, and let her open her own mail. We then when outside and dug a hole and buried the seeds just like any other seed and watered them in a nice sunny place. We talked about all the things that a seed needed to grow and how long it would take to grow, ect. She said 100 days LOL. Then that evening when her daddy got home from work she went to help him pick out clothes to change into and I replaced the seeds with this little pumpkins. (I wanted the really little cute ones but they didn't have them at store so these would have to work) After dinner he asked her what she did that day and she grabbed a flashlight and told him to came see. She was so surprised to find little pumpkins there it was adorable she told her daddy, "Wow they really are magic seeds it only took one day to grow." over all it was really fun and magical experience. We are going to be decorating them with buttons, glitter, and of course googly eyes tomorrow.

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