We are God’s workmanship, created
in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for
us to do.
Ephesians 2:10
Ideas for stay at home moms, teachers and anyone who loves to play with children

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rainbow pudding pops

today we made a fun snack with rainbow colors. It was so simple it is just a package of vanilla pudding made as directed (3cups of milk) I scooped out even amounts of pudding once made and put it in muffin pan to separate them and added colors. (H actually did all the work lol) then we scooped the different colors in layers into dixie cups and when all the layers was in added a Popsicle stick. We froze them and then a great after dinner snack.
1 pack of vanilla pudding
3 cups milk
food coloring
muffin tin or something to separate colors
TIP: to get the popsicle out of the cup heat up tap water and let water run on it for a few seconds then peel the paper off.

rainbow fading art

I did this project with H last year to but on paper towels. I did it this year on coffee filters and I have to say I liked the paper towels better (it just spread better.) I gave her a coffee filter, markers in all the colors of the rainbow, and a spray bottle. She loved it!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rainbow french toast/ Rainbow Milk art

This morning for breakfast we made rainbow french toast. I did this with H last year and wanted to do it again but add something to it and make it a little more fun. First I took an ice cube tray and filled up 6 spots with milk. Then I let H put in a drop of the food coloring. when we only had red, yellow, green and blue she noticed we didn't have orange or purple. Perfect opportunity to talk about mixing colors to get new colors and made orange and purple. Then I gave her a spoon cause I didn't have any unused paint brushes and let her add the colored milk to her bread to make a rainbow. After she finished making her bread I started to make the batter for french toast and when I poured the milk into the pie dish she asked it she could add the colors to the milk. I couldn't resist a great opportunity, so I added food coloring to the milk and let her mix it up it turned out beautiful! In the end the french toast looked really weird but the experience was so much fun and H ate 2 pieces and 1/2 an egg which is a lot for her:)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rainbow sensory tubs

We are talking about rainbows this week. So I made a rainbow sensory tub. I colored rice in snack size Ziploc bags with a few drops of food coloring and one pump of hand sanitizer. You can use rubbing alcohol as well but I find the other is easier and dries faster. Then I added rainbow colored sequins, and scoops.

Muffin Tin Monday: Rainbow snack

We ended St.Patrick's Day with talking about rainbows. This week theme will be rainbows. I have a lot of fun things planed. Today we had red Jello, oranges, yellow pineapples, green pickles, blueberries, and purple yogurt. She eat it ALL! which is saying a lot for H. only thing is she was dipping her pickle in the yogurt GROSS lol.
Muffin Tin Monday at Muffintinmom.com

Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's day

Here are some of the activities that we did for St. Patrick's Day
our St. Patrick's Day sensory green tub. I filled it with split peas, lentils, rice I colored green, green pom poms, gold coins and scoops from baby formula and a green lid

this is a puzzle I made a long time ago when I was a preschool teacher for Math. each number is a different shape cut so the kids that are not sure of the answer can get a little help and then start to associate the number of items with written number.

working on numbers again I just took shamrock shapes and drew the numbers on them then made small dots of the the number as well and gave her some gold coins. she had to put the correct number of coins under the shamrock.

I colored her food green this is our mac n cheese I put a few drops of food coloring in water and then in cheese mix. I also did this to pancakes it was a lot of fun

We made green goop. Cornstarch and water I added green food coloring too. I gave H the water bottle and let her create and get as messy as she wanting too.

What we did in February

I have not been posting activities lately so here is a the things I forgot to post in February.

We had fun with bean bags and practicing taking turns by throwing bean bags into different size boxes. We talked about who's turn it was, waiting and being patient and compared the boxes on difficultly of making them in the box.

simple Montessori activity of transferring small heart shaped jewels from the table to a heart shaped muffin tin using only tongs.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday: theme green

Today for muffin tin Monday we had a green theme. H had green grapes, kiwi, chocolate cupcake with green sprinkles, bell pepper and celery, hot dogs and a biscuit.
Muffin Tin Mom

working on letters

I used garage sale stickers on a paper and a Ziploc bag and gave her fruit loops to match the circles to make the letter. She has been so interested in writing and letters so I have been trying to think of ways to foster that interest and make it fun too. what is not fun about playing with food lol.